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Should You Take a Staycation or a Social Distancing Trip?

June 11, 2020

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Should you stay home or hit the road?

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No one would blame you for feeling tired. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and you could use a break. You have vacation time saved up, but you’re not sure how to use it.

Let’s figure out if you should take a staycation or a social distancing trip.

The Pros and Cons of a Staycation

Staycation Pros

Lower Costs

Right off the bat, cost is the biggest difference between a staycation and a normal vacation.

Think about expenses you don’t have to cover when you stay home:

  • Flights
  • Airport parking
  • Rental vehicles or public transportation
  • Lodging (hotel, Airbnb, even a cabin by the lake)

Support Your Local Economy

You can probably think of great spots you haven’t visited in a while. It could be that Thai restaurant across town with the best spicy shrimp soup. Or, that little ice cream shop with every flavor under the sun.

Small businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, so show them some love. If you enjoy your experience, give them positive reviews on Google or Facebook.

On top of that, the money you spend goes back into your community’s:

  • Schools
  • Infrastructure
  • Social services
  • And more

Take Free Virtual Tours

You can leave the planet from the comfort of your home. That's not a typo.

Free virtual tours send you to Mars, the moon, or:

Put a Dent in Your To-Do List

Have you put off the big projects on your to-do list? Well, your schedule has room to breathe now.

Think about rolling up your sleeves and:

  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Painting rooms to give them a fresh look
  • De-cluttering rooms and getting rid of what you don’t need
  • Power-washing siding
  • Starting a garden

Staycation Cons

Are You Really Disconnecting?

Have you spent more time than usual at home? There’s a good chance your answer is “yes.”

COVID-19 has prevented us from going out like we usually would. Some of us have spent our work weeks where we live.

For a lot of people, these conditions lead to cabin fever. Vacations should help you disconnect from the stress of daily life. A staycation doesn't always accomplish this goal.

Not Experiencing New Places in Person

The magic of the Internet can take you to Mars or Mount Rushmore. Still, there’s something to be said for going somewhere new in person.

You find fresh discoveries around every corner and have experiences you’ll never forget. Plus, you might want to feel sand beneath your toes if you don't live close to beaches!

Running Out of Things to Do

You could start your staycation with great intentions. But what if you run through everything on your itinerary by the second or third day?

You don’t want to sit around doing what you did before you took time off!

Social Distancing Trip Ideas

Before You Leave, Check With the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have a lot of recommendations for safe traveling.

Before you take off, take a look at these CDC guides:

Go on a Day Trip

Do you have concerns about staying in a hotel or someone else’s house? That's okay.

Day trips help you avoid lodging altogether. Find an outdoor recreation area or roadside attraction. Then load up the car and head off!

You can pack your meals in a cooler or use drive-thrus and curbside pickup to limit contact.

Experience the Great Outdoors

Outdoor trips let you enjoy nature and practice social distancing. Relax by fishing, camping, hiking, or boating.

If you want comfier accommodations, book a cabin in a state park or take the RV out of hibernation.

Hit the Greens

It’s not tough to social distance when you golf. The sport was practically designed for it.

Golf courses are open in most states, so this is your chance to spend a day on the greens, soak up the sun, and (maybe) fix that slice.

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Pekin Insurance is with you wherever you go. We offer protection for your home, car, and a lot of the things you need for your staycation or social distancing trip.

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