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4 Fleet Management Apps to Protect Your People and Vehicles

August 18, 2020

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Find a better way to track your business vehicles. Take a look at these fleet management apps.

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Your phone buzzes. You answer and sit down to hear the bad news.

One of your drivers let boredom get the best of him. He played on his phone and didn’t pay attention to the road.

Thankfully, he left the crash with no injuries. Your delivery vehicle didn’t fare so well. It sustained heavy damage, and you'll hear back from the body shop tomorrow.

This doesn’t have to happen at your business! Fleet management technology and documented policies add extra security for your people, vehicles, and bottom line.

Manage Your Fleet With Technology

Before we dive into the apps, let’s talk about your plan for managing fleet risks. Do you have one?

Distracted driving accidents claimed nearly 3,000 lives in 2018 (the most recent year with available statistics). You have a budget for business vehicles, but you can’t put a price on employee safety.

Fleet management apps are easy to install, and they track your employees’ driving habits. Usually, all you have to do is download an app onto each driver’s phone.

You won’t always know when someone uses their cell phone on a route or delivery. But you send a clear message when you fire someone for dangerous driving habits. A zero tolerance policy for distracted driving goes a long way in making your business safer.

Plus, fleet management apps help you optimize routes and save money on fuel. When you cut driving time, you improve customer service and deliver products sooner.

Most fleet management apps offer GPS functionality, too. This feature really helps when you need to find a stolen vehicle or send roadside assistance for a driver.

Features of 4 Fleet Management Apps

We can’t say which fleet management app works best for your business. This information will help you make a decision, though.

App 1: Arity

  • Access to predictive modeling to help reduce accidents and optimize routes.
  • Assigns drivers scores based on data.
  • Creates reports for comparing driver performance.
  • Offers machine learning to measure a driver’s potential impact on claims.
  • Sends drivers alerts for dangerous road conditions.

App 2: Fleetio

  • Combines GPS tracking with vehicle maintenance tracking.
  • Drivers can perform vehicle inspections using the app.
  • Lets you approve and pay for repair orders.
  • Sets up service reminders within the app.
  • Tracks parts and supplies for service.

App 3: LifeSaver

  • Automatically detects driving based on your business hours of operation or a time you define.
  • Deploys from the cloud (no manual download needed).
  • Locks phone screen when a vehicle reaches 10 miles per hour.
  • Sends email notifications to drivers who have committed a violation the previous day.

App 4: Zubie

  • GPS tracking lets you locate vehicles from a live map.
  • Monitors preventative maintenance needs of vehicles.
  • Stores driving data for a year.
  • Offers arrival/departure geofences with alerts.
  • Tracks hard braking, fuel levels, and rapid acceleration.

Fleet Management Policies

Fleet management apps give you a lot of data. But information won't make as much of an impact if you don’t have a strategy in place.

First, create ground rules for driving company vehicles. If you need an example, take a look at this Workable company car policy.

As we already mentioned, let your drivers know you won’t tolerate distracted driving.

Next, schedule monthly or quarterly reviews with drivers. Use these meetings to correct bad habits and recognize good performance.

If you need another great resource, download the free cell phone policy kit from the National Safety Council.

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You're one step closer to improving driver safety at your business. After you choose a fleet management app, lock in the commercial auto insurance you deserve.

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